A Christian Education gathering for youth, children, and adults

Westminster's Sunday morning Sunday School is the primary way we educate our children, youth, and adults.


On Sunday, August 11, we will kick off another action-packed year of Christian education for disciples of all ages.  

Sunday Morning Schedule:

9 a.m.: All children and youth meet in the music room of the CE building for Celebration, which will include songs, prayers, and practice in learning such things as books of the Bible and the components of worship (including Lord’s Prayer, Apostles’ Creed, Doxology, and the Gloria Patri). (NOTE: this time is not simply a prelude to Sunday school, but is instead a vital component of it). Children will earn pins for their participation and achievements in Celebration!


9:10 a.m.: Young Rejoicers children’s choir (age 3-5th grade) will continue singing in the music room. Youth will go to the youth room to learn additional aspects of Christian faith and practice, including books of the Bible, names of disciples, and scripture memorization. 


9:30 a.m.: Children and youth will begin age-specific lessons with their teachers.


10:15 a.m.: Youth and children will be dismissed and escorted (by an adult) to the sanctuary for worship.

**Note: Ms. Barbara will be providing nursery care in the church nursery for children ages 0-2 beginning at 8:45 a.m. so that their parents and siblings may participate in Sunday School. 


Sunday School Faculty

We are blessed to have members of our congregation who have volunteered (with gladness) to actively participate in our children’s faith formation by serving as teachers. Brenda Pace will be teaching our preschoolers (ages 3-4). Pat West will continue teaching our children in Kindergarten through second grade. Mary Ellen Thornhill will continue teaching children in grades 3-5, and Anna Kate Shurley will teach our youth in grades 6-12. 



Our second semester of Sunday school has gotten off to a strong start! Both of our adult classes are using J. Elsworth Kalas’ text, The Grand Sweep, as their guide to a year-long study of the whole Bible. Similarly, our children's classes are continuing to study the rich stories in the Old Testament and are even revisiting some of the superheroes they discussed in the fall to take a closer look at their lives. Our youth have embarked on a two-month adventure called Credo: (Re)affirming our Faith. In this study, the youth are taking a close look at each portion of the Apostles’ Creed and what it teaches us about the core components of our faith. For some of our youth, this study will offer them a chance to reaffirm the faith they professed at their confirmation. For others, this study will serve as instruction and preparation for their confirmation, which will take place on Easter Sunday. Please pray for our youth as they explore their faith and learn more about the God who loves them. And, if you or your children have not yet plugged into one of our Sunday school classes, it's not too late!


For more information, call the church at (228) 864-3143 or contact us here.


Adult Christian Education Opportunities:

The Adult Sunday School Class are continuing their journey through the Bible, following the book, The Grand Sweep.


The Grand Sweep: 365 Days from Genesis through Revelation guides adults to read through the Bible in a year, reading three to four chapters daily. The Psalms and Proverbs are scattered throughout the reading as devotional elements. Because the plan moves through the Bible in biblical sequence, readers grasp the grand sweep of the Scriptures--something missed in most Bible studies that take up only a certain book or section of the Bible. Also, daily readings are manageable; someone who is just beginning a serious devotional life need not feel threatened or inadequate. By the time readers finish their year of reading, they will have a grasp of the biblical story from beginning to end. And with it, because of the daily discipline, a stronger devotional life. Kalas also provides a faithful daily summary of each day's reading, but with a devotional quality to encourage warmth of spirit as well as knowledge of mind. 

The Adult Coffee Class will begin Presbyterian 101 on August 18.  Participants will explore the history of Western Christianity from the day of Pentecost to the formation of the present-day Evangelical Presbyterian Church, stopping to look at how our beliefs came to be and why they matter.

Westminster Presbyterian Church . 5005 Lawson Avenue . Gulfport . Mississippi 39507 
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